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Fournier Gangrene Pictures
Gangrene Gall Bladder
Diabetes Gangrene

Gangrene Pictures
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Gas Gangrene Pictures
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iryn says:    

wat could be the difference between wet and fourniers gangrene?

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Dr ismail says:

Iam treeting this wound .iwill post his lstest pic very soon

gabriel78 says:

O my god

violet situma says:

am a nurse at Kimilili hosp Kenya today have 40 year old woman with wet gangren she is for debriment this morni ng and saline soaks afterwards on antbiotics painkillers hope she will get better seek physicins opinion

noor zaman says:

i am hkeem . I met ismail and he gave me som madicin for diabatic pationt . His left foot was in very bad condition . My pationt recoverd in twenty days .its amazing .my prays with him

Noor zaman says:

Ismail shakir is a student of DHMS

ismail says:

lebogang dont cut ur father ,S leg pleas post ur home adres . Get free madicion .its not treatment .cut the leg ,,, treatment is control the wound , recover its infaction and blod walk on his own feet:

ismail says:

my madicin control woond to more sprading and lead to blod circulation. Ded teshoo remove atomaticaly ... U spend only corior expenses and get free madicin or an otherway only 100 dollar for allover the world hom delivery ... Dont cut ur leg finger , foot and any part of ur body : dont hoples

lebogang grace mokoatle says:

My father is suffering from gas gangrene his doctors told him that they must ampitate his leg,just want to knw what we must do before he goes for operation,and if he goes thru with the operation will this be the end of this deases.

herman says:

I've had diabetes for 31 years and have had many issues with my toes, feet and lower legs. I've had much success treating them with oral antibiotics and soaking them with lots of table salt and warm water, and applying real aloe vera from the plant- not gel. Recently, my middle toe developed what looked like a black blister on the bottom under the nail. I treated it with the same methods but it quickly spread across the front of the toe and the nail and skin came off. Then it swelled, became feverish and started hurting like gangbusters. A trip to the emergency room revealed the bone was infected and the toe needed to be amputated. I was hospitalized 7 days. The brilliant physicians at UAB ordered x-rays, ultra sounds, and an mri's and discovered the veins in my legs were o.k, but the ones in my feet were so weak they feared the toe wound would not heal if they cut the it off and would result in more amputations. After an angio-gram, they recommended constant intravenous antibiotics and hyperveric therapy to contain the infection in the toe and allow the infected part to deteriorate and come off on its own like scab. The doctors said the sore that would result on the toe would be easier to heal than an open wound. Often, one amputation leads to another, and another, and another. That happened to my brother until his entire leg was gone. He suffered greatly for many years and passed away a couple years after his amputations. He didn't use UAB. The black spot looked purple and plump at first like a blister sticking out of the toe. Then it turned black and started to dry out and sort of petrify. It's extremely unattractive. I have a pic line and am taking two types of antibiotics. One is around the clock and the other lasts about an hour. I was just released from the hospital. I hope it works for me and wish the best for you. I hope this helps somebody.

Bushra says:

It's totally bullshit .....upload some clear images plzzzzzz
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